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How vulnerability is a superpower

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Vulnerable: susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm. (Definition sourced from Oxford Languages.)

Vulnerability is often thought of as a weakness, but what if it is actually one of our greatest strengths as humans?

Vulnerable is defined as the inability to withstand an attack, either physically or emotionally.

The thing is, vulnerability is based on assumption. When it comes to emotional vulnerability we assume we won’t be able to handle letting our guard down. But as is often the case with us humans, we are far more resilient then we give ourselves credit for.

The past few years have forced a lot of us into vulnerable spaces. The pandemic, and political and social unrest seemed to crack the hearts open of many humans, even if they tried as hard as they might to keep their protective walls high and sturdy. I myself was forced into more than one vulnerable space, and although painful, it challenged me to grow quite a bit.

Vulnerability naturally feels dangerous. But it is the space where we are able to demonstrate to ourselves just how invulnerable we are. Inhabiting that space blows the walls off of the straw house our minds construct to make us believe that as long as we keep our protective walls of ego and thought intact, we are safe.

But true safety, a deep knowing that you are nested right into the space in this universe that you should be, requires no constructed walls. It requires a profound trust in yourself that you are far less vulnerable than you think.

Thus, vulnerability is a superpower.

So don’t be afraid to let your guard down. Those are the moments that teach you to fly.


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