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I have a few different ways you can work directly with me to transform your life through coaching.

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Testing the waters: Free Consultation

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Even if I’m not the answer you’ve been seeking, I have a lot of connections and might be able to point you in the right direction. 

KILLER DEAL: 6 Week coaching package for $447

Get ready for rocket fuel. Our six weeks together will change your thinking for the rest of your life

Change comes with repetition, and I’d like as many people to experience that as possible.

So here’s the DISCOUNT package to whet your appetite.

You and I will work together for 6 full sessions that will challenge your perceptions and open the space for transformative change.

The Deep Dive: Twelve 60-minute coaching sessions for $1,197

After your six coaching sessions, if you want to continue this work and take things even deeper, we’ll roll you into this package.

It’s a bit more per session, but my time and YOUR TIME is worth it.

Making an investment in your mental health will continue the forward momentum you already started toward profound change in your life.

You’re worth it.