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Fear of disintegration and how it affects you

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Disintegration is death. At least from a physical standpoint.

In this quick article I’m going to discuss physical integration and disintegration, and how the fear of disintegration hinders (and helps) your life. First let’s look at the definitions of both integrate and disintegrate from Oxford Language:

  • integrate: combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole.
  • disintegrate: break up into small parts, typically as the result of impact or decay.

In the beginning, from the moment of conception, integration starts. Atoms, combined into molecules, come together to create whatever a patterned program is set to create.

As more and more molecules are attracted, more and more functioning form takes shape. At the end of the gestation period enough integration has occurred and enough function has been created that whatever is growing can then be exposed to the outside world. For humans, this means being born out of our mother’s bodies.

Integration continues for quite a while, molecules continue to be attracted and cells multiply, creating growth.

But at some point, integration slows down, and eventually disintegration starts to set in. Now molecules are slowly released. What was once fully functional starts to function not quite as well. Essentially disintegration is the universe asking for it’s physical stuff back, to pass on to something new for integration once again.

So, disintegration is death. And it is something we all have to experience.

Most people tiptoe their way through life, hoping they make it safely to death. – Earl Nightingale

To fear disintegration, or death, is natural. The fear of it is what keeps us on our toes, like mentioned in the quote above. But if we are on our toes at all times, and don’t let ourselves relax into the present moment of reality, we just exist in anticipation of something bad happening.

A brain that lives in anticipation of this does not feel like it can take the time to pursue a goal that puts it outside of its comfort zone. But many people unknowingly live in this constant underlying fear.

Yet if we let go of all our fear around death, we may end up doing something that causes death much sooner.

So what is a person to do?

Recognize where this fear is hanging out, but doesn’t really deserve a seat at the table. This fear is part of the human experience, but it can override so many possibilities when we don’t catch it. It’s kind of like a shadow following you, and not realizing it’s your own shadow, you keep getting freaked out by it.

We will all disintegrate. It is part of the life cycle of nature. But we don’t have to fear it as much as a lot of people do.

The diagnosis or anticipation of disease, or just aging in general, can bring up anxiety about disintegration that can hinder the full enjoyment of life. If you feel like this is you, and you could use some help shifting your mindset about death, I can help you do that. Click here to schedule a free consultation.


Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash