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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” Albert Einstein

An overwhelmed mind can feel like a messy mind.

The truth is that human brains think A LOT. Like up to 70,000 thoughts per day a lot.

No wonder our brains can feel like a hot mess!

But here’s what I’ve discovered as someone who

  • lives at risk for a neurological disease
  • has a hard time sustaining focus
  • has experienced debilitating anxiety
  • used to be a hardcore people pleaser
  • was raised with a negative relationship to money
  • AND has had to learn trust herself and have her own back

An anxious, overwhelmed brain CAN get organized. There can be a simplicity to thinking that creates a calm space and room to create what you want. You can live a full, safe life without limits by creating a loving, collaborative relationship with your brain.

I’ve developed easy to understand tools about the way the human mind works, and how to identify the way the mind is connecting into the body to create behaviors.

These tools can also be used to create NEW beliefs and behaviors that release limits.

They can also be used to guide you back to a space of safety and peace within where you can make clear, concise decisions.

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Your brain is your most powerful asset.

Every result you create starts in your brain with thought. Most of this thought is programmed into your subconscious mind. Thought uses emotion to pattern behavior down into your body. I call these patterns WEBs. Words, Emotions, and Behaviors strongly woven together to create consistent results. Recognizing these patterns will allow you to understand the WHY behind you, and create new and eventually stronger patterns to create the results you want. Together we will use a simple yet powerful tool I’ve developed to identify your unconstructive WEBs, and intentionally create constructive WEBs that will change your life.


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Sarah Weber

I am no stranger to overwhelm and anxiety. From an early age I learned the skill of shutting down to find relief. As a teenager I developed an eating disorder and thoughts of suicide to try and gain control over my life. As an adult I've dealt with trauma and loss, and I live at risk for a neurological disease called Huntington's Disease. Despite all this, I am the happiest I've ever been, because I learned to use my mind to perceive all this information in productive ways.

You can use the power of thought to literally change the wiring of your brain in order to think intentionally to create a better life experience. This isn't woo woo law of attraction stuff (although I dig the woo). This is the nature of being human.

You already possess the ability to create this magic. I'll just show you how.


This stuff is profound. this stuff is life changing.

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