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Are you afraid of your future?

Being a human can be scary. Especially if you live with the risk of developing a brain disease that could lead to dementia. This can create a lot of uncertainty about the future.

I live at a 50% risk of developing Huntington’s disease, and other diseases that lead to dementia run in my family. (Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia.)

Some days it feels like my brain is up against a lot, and that uncertainty can affect my decision making and future planning in negative ways.

Can you relate to this? If so, I want to help.

I discovered my risk for Huntington’s in 2008, and since then I’ve been on a journey to discover the best practices for brain health, not solely from a physical perspective, but from a mental health perspective as well.

That’s where the mission of my business comes in. I want to help people exquisitely care for their brains, and radically love their futures.

Exquisite brain care isn’t only about eating salmon and blueberries. It is nuanced, and sometimes the “obvious” healthy choice might not actually be the best choice for you.

Radically loving your future comes from creating a solid mindset right now, in your present. It comes from developing the skill to feel safe in your own mind and body, no matter what.

I am a certified health coach, a certified life and mindset coach, and I incorporate powerful tools into my coaching practice that will challenge you to completely remake your mindset around brain and mental health, altering your future.

Simple Brain Health

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Simple Mental Health

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Do you want instant access to one of the profoundly simple coaching tools I use?

Your brain is your most powerful asset.

Every result, worry, and plan you create starts in your brain with thought. This includes the foods you eat, your lifestyle habits, and even your emotional disposition. Most of this thought is programmed into your subconscious mind. Thought uses emotion to pattern behavior down into your body. I call these patterns WEBs. Words, Emotions, and Behaviors strongly woven together to create consistent results. Recognizing these patterns will allow you to understand the WHY behind you, and create new and eventually stronger patterns to create the results you want. Together we will use a simple yet powerful tool I’ve developed to identify your unconstructive WEBs, and intentionally create constructive WEBs that will change your life.


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Sarah Weber

I am no stranger to overwhelm and anxiety. From an early age I learned the skill of shutting down to find relief. As a teenager I developed an eating disorder and thoughts of suicide to try and gain control over my life. As an adult I've dealt with trauma and loss, and I live at risk for a neurological disease called Huntington's Disease. Despite all this, I am the happiest I've ever been, because I learned to use my mind to perceive all this information in productive ways.

You can use the power of thought to literally change the wiring of your brain in order to think intentionally to create a better life experience. This isn't woo woo law of attraction stuff (although I dig the woo). This is the nature of being human.

You already possess the ability to create this magic. I'll just show you how.


This stuff is profound. this stuff is life changing.

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