About Me

You live your life through your brain

I can teach you how to use your brain to create the life that you want

The human brain is such a fantastic tool. Because of it we can think, feel, plan, connect, worship, dream, inspire, teach, and create some freaking incredible stuff!

But an unhealthy brain can feel like a burden, like a heavy weight we have to drag through life with us.

I used to consider my brain a burden. Anxiety was a normal part of my day. Brain fog and lack of concentration made it feel like I wouldn’t ever be able to achieve my goals and dreams. Headaches would steal away days at a time. Focus and clarity seemed like traits I was destined to never truly possess. And on top of all that, vascular dementia runs on my dad’s side of the family, and Huntington’s Disease runs on my mom’s side (which I live at risk for). As far as I was concerned, my brain was screwed.

But in 2014 I decided to give an elimination diet called The Whole 30 a try. A friend asked me to partner with her on it for 30 days. Well, that was the start of a changed life for me. I learned what foods worked for my body. I was so inspired that in 2017 I was certified as a Primal Heath Coach.

Looking to build on my coaching skills, in late 2017 I found The Life Coach School podcast. Brooke Castillo’s message was very concise, and very clear: I had so much more control over my brain than I was aware of. Circumstances trigger thoughts, thoughts create feeling/emotion, emotion drives action, and action creates the results of my life. Rinse and repeat. That’s how the machine of the mind/body works. So simple, and so true.

Utilizing the skills I learned from Brooke, I actually started to change my brain! I could feel it happening. I was thinking differently about EVERYTHING. So, in 2018 I decided to get certified as a life coach through The Life Coach School.

With an in-depth understanding about food dynamics AND thought dynamics, I feel like I’ve tapped into the secret sauce of a healthy, fully functioning brain. And I want to share that with anyone who is willing to listen.

This stuff is profound.

This stuff is life changing.