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When matter no longer supports spirit

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“Unrest of spirit is a mark of life.” Karl A Menninger

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We are made of matter. Well, at least that’s what we perceive with our eyes and sense of touch. We are a collection of atoms, bound together by forces we can’t perceive with our senses. You could refer to this as our vital force, life force, energy, or spirit.

Why matter matters

As mentioned above, matter is what we are able to sense. At lease it’s what we sense most readily. We like to be able to see and touch something to help us define it as real in our world. 

It’s because of matter being held together by invisible forces that we are able to look at someone we love, to hold them in our arms, to squeeze their hand in support. Matter, when organized and collected into something we recognize, is comforting.

But when matter starts to fail and break down out of its form, we experience loss.


The loss of matter

When a loved one starts to experience a neurological disease, matter begins to fail. This happens to all things, living or not. As molecules change, the structure of matter changes. 

When we watch someone we love start to break down, the experience can be heart wrenching, but taking a universal view may provide some comfort.

Matter may fail (or more appropriately change), but spirit never does. 


How spirit endures

Energy never dies. The energy that pulses through your loved one, that drives their spirit, is not wasting away. It is making a slow exit.

We will all get to a point where the vital force holding our body together will exit. For some it will be slowly, or others it will happen quickly.

If you have a loved one with a neurological disease, their exit from matter may be happening at a slower pace. But as the spirit exits it is not dying. And the matter that has constructed your loved one is being called back into the universe to be used for the next creation it’s needed for.

I know this sounds woo, but even the components of atoms aren’t destroyed, just rearranged. 

All the stuff of our universe ebbs and flows in great tides of building up and breaking down, but never disappearing.

And thus, when matter starts breaking down in a human being, or any living creature for that matter, it no longer supports the energy, or spirit of that creature. 

And the exit of energy begins.


Something to remember

An important thing to remember is that we get to choose what we focus on. If someone’s health begins to fail, we have a choice; we can either focus on the failing health, or we can focus on where there is still life. Focusing on life is focusing on love. It is always the better option.


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