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So your programming is nothing special

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Human brains LOVE to think that they are special.

And if they’ve been taught that they aren’t special, they feel victimized and like they’ve had something stolen from them. Something that should have been rightfully theirs. Brains can get dramatic.

And guess what? The way society has programmed your brain is nothing special. You were taught by other humans how to function into the perceived environment you came into. 

“This is the way it’s going to be kid. Like it or lump it.”

There’s nothing special about that, right? We all have been shaped by our micro and macro cultures.

So, are you special?

In a word, yes.

But it’s not because you’ve been taught to think you are. That’s just a bunch of baloney.

What makes you special is out of your control. It’s the very fabric of who you are. How your cells shaped your organs. How your brain developed BEFORE being programmed. The very basis of you, that as a vessel has its own unique way of conducting energy in this universe.

How do you get to THAT special part of you?

Authenticity, and that’s a tough one.

The brain doesn’t necessarily support authenticity. It is found outside the functioning brain. Now the brain can help us create behaviors that support and express that authenticity, but your authentic self comes from the very seat of your soul, and that is contained outside of your brain and the mental programming you received.

You can think of that programming like a user’s manual. Your people, the ones you identified with (and maybe still do), taught you this manual. And this is what your brain uses to function in daily life. This manual can be supportive, destructive, unreasonable, perfect for certain situations, and downright false at times.

But that authentic part of you that comes from somewhere beyond the brain, that part doesn’t require a manual for expression. The manual can stiffen it though. It can smother the expression of your authenticity, depending on the instructions contained within the manual. That can show up in thoughts like:

  • You’re not good enough.
  • You’ll embarrass yourself.
  • You’ll embarrass others. 
  • You can’t do this.
  • You’re going to fail.
  • People will think you’re weird.

Any other thoughts come to mind from your manual?

Once you start really seeing these programmed thoughts in your conscious mind, you can call them what they are: suggestions. They are just suggestions from your brain about how to think about things. But, here’s a question for you:

Do they support your authenticity?

Allowing your authenticity through can be scary, because it’s powerful. It’s where the seat of your power lies. And most people aren’t used to taking hold of that power, so they downplay those that do. And thus it seems like we become nothing special.

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