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How to take limits off of your thoughts

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“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” Arthur C. Clark

Photo by Tom Crew on Unsplash

Have you ever tried to use a light bulb that was a higher wattage output than that lamp you were putting it into was designed to handle? Hopefully not, because if so, that’s a fire hazard. The heat can melt the light socket, and the insulation on the wiring.

Why the heck am I talking about light bulbs?


Constrained Power

The reason we can control electricity, or power, is because some very smart humans figured out how to control and direct it. Benjamin Franklin usually gets the credit for the discovery, but there were humans trying to manipulate electricity before him. And of course we have Thomas Edison, who in 1879, invented the electric light bulb.

Again, why are we talking about light bulbs? Because electricity, or power, needs a medium to travel through in order for us to actually use it. And you have electricity traveling through a medium you are very familiar with every single day: YOU.

Neurons, Glials,  and electricity

When you have a thought arise in your mind, there is a physical component to that. Electricity zooming down neural pathways, passing from neuron to neuron with the help of glial cells.

Imagine that each thought in your mind is it’s own little light bulb. At 60,000 thoughts per day, that’s quite a few light bulbs lighting up! But the power humming through your brain is constrained by those light bulbs. You can only think it if you have a bulb for it.


Unlimited potential

In order to remove the limits from your thoughts, you have to install new bulbs. You have to learn, reason, and question how useful all the others bulbs, or thoughts, are for you.

You have to make a conscious decision to consider new ways of being, thinking, and believing. Lots of people aren’t willing to do this. They are comfortable with their bulbs. 

If you want to remove the limits of your thinking, you have to provide more and more mediums for power to move through. More bulbs, less limits. And naturally a more illuminated future!


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