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Can you use anxiety as an ally? Part 2.

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In my last blog post I explained what I believe to be a physical underlying for anxiety on a consistent level.

I explained that all particles move and emit waves, or frequencies. This is what the universe is made of. You emit frequencies, and frequency waves that are out of sync with your own (like the “vibes” coming off another person) can create anxiety.

But is it possible to change one or more of your frequencies to match the frequencies of something that currently makes you anxious?

Can your waves, or vibes, change rate to fall into congruency with something or someone else?

Yes, they can. It turns out waves like to fall into congruency. This is a not yet understood phenomenon of nature, that the waves emitted by moving objects will eventually sync up.

Think about that for a moment. Think about what you surround yourself with, or more importantly, who. If you are trying to change your vibe, and science has shown that waves preferentially like to sync up, who and what are you syncing with?

I know that’s far out to think about, but if there is any science based way to try and explain the law of attraction, that would be it.

If everything, and I mean everything around you is emitting a frequency, that probably means that you are far more in tune with much more than you realize.

And if something you want makes you highly uncomfortable, you are probably out of sync with it. And I know this is going a step further, but do you think experiences can have their own frequencies? Experiences are based on thought and action, which both create their own waves. Fascinating to think about, huh?

So going back to anxiety and using it as an ally, when you feel anxious about something, what if you reminded yourself that it is partly due to being out of sync, or not knowing how to sync up with whatever you are out of sync with. You could be out of sync with creating a result, or knowing how to do something, interacting with another person, or even just learning the skill of allowing something to be.

Remember in the movie “Finding Nemo” the scene where Nemo’s dad is riding the East Australian current with a bunch of sea turtles? Everyone is in the flow, and even when the current dips and moves faster. As long as you stay in it, you are “synched up”.

To me that’s the perfect way to visualize how coming into congruence, or resonance with frequencies feels.

So remember, when you feel anxiety, perhaps at the root of it is not resonating in harmony with the change that would quiet that anxiety down. Or even the resonance that would create understanding (matching the vibes of someone else so you can understand where they are coming from), which would lead to less anxiety.

Find the resonance, find the flow. Doing this will help you create a wildly better understanding of the people and world around you. Your anxiety tells you when you’re not synched up.

When that anxiety fades? You’ve found the harmony.


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Photo by Liam Shaw on Unsplash