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Can you use anxiety as an ally? Part 1.

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No one likes the feeling of anxiety.

The underlying message of anxiety is that there is something wrong. And if you feel chronic anxiety, that means your brain is trying to keep you ever vigilant to danger. This is a normal function of the brain, but for some people that danger signal runs a little stronger.

Whether you rarely feel anxious, or it’s a constant companion, when you do feel it you probably want to get rid of it.

But what if anxiety can actually be an ally? What if anxiety is actually part of your innate wisdom, letting you know when you are out of alignment with yourself?

I keep it no secret that I am fascinated by quantum physics. In quantum physics, the focus is on the field. The field is the space between matter that is full of the vibrational waves the matter creates. I was going to say it is the space between particles, but according to quantum physics particles can either be matter or waves. Trippy, right?

Anyway, you were born with a certain vibratory rate, or frequency. If matter is made of particles, and particles are energy compressed into mass, you’re basically a ball of energy, releasing vibrational waves into the field. You will always feel at your most secure when other vibratory waves are in harmony with yours, or are on the same frequency as yours.

I think part of what contributes to chronic anxiety, or anxiety in general, is when your base frequency is challenged. These challenges can come in the form of thought, emotion, other forms of matter (like people or food), and the experiences of these things.

When you are “out of alignment” with the frequency that you feel best at, you will feel it as anxiety. So for instance, if you are in a conversation with someone and they say something that doesn’t align with your way of thinking, it might make you feel anxious. If you think a thought about it that creates a negative emotion, which is just vibrating chemicals in your body, that “negativity” will make you feel anxious. If you eat a food that doesn’t agree with the vibratory rates of the cells in your gut, the frequency of the food molecules are likely out of sync with your gut, and can create distress and some anxiety.

In other words, anxiety can actually be an ally and a guide in showing where you are getting “out of sync.”

Our universe if filled with lots of waves in the field, and they are coming into contact with and passing through your body at all times. There’s no avoiding it. Just like there’s no avoiding the ambient sounds of nature, or the fact that the moon is in the sky, or that there are unfathomable amounts on microbes on this planet.

If the waves are unavoidable, that means that some anxiety is unavoidable. We can’t be in synch with everything around us. But we can do a little investigating, using anxiety as a starting point, to help us understand what we are MOST out of synch with.

Also, if you think about the physical form of the thoughts you think being energy coursing through neurons (brain cells), this action creates waves of its own, and like mentioned above, so does the chemicals released that create emotion (e-motion = energy in motion).

We are all waves in the ocean of the universe, and waves will knock up against you that aren’t in synch with the wave you are. That doesn’t necessarily mean that something has gone wrong, but you might want to find some different waters that fit your frequency better.

If you pay attention to your anxiety, rather than immediately labeling it as the enemy, it might just be able to guide you to a more harmonious, synchronistic place in life.

Yet, sometimes you need to head in the direction of anxiety to create what you want. Is it possible to change YOUR vibration to alleviate that anxiety?

I’ll tackle that in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

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