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Words are your ultimate tool

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The words you speak become the house you live in. – Hafiz

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If I ask you to tell me what you’re thinking, how do you convey that to me? With language. With words. Cells in your brain tell your mouth how to shape the sound waves coming from your vocal cords into sounds waves my ears can translate into language.


The way in

Words are the key to allowing yourself to explore your own mind. If you are dealing with a challenge in your life that is creating a negative emotional state, the words that you think and the words that you speak are the first clue as to why things are difficult for you. 

For example, imagine there is a project you need to complete, but the very first words to manifest from your mind about the project is “I’m so confused.”

Those words will then be translated into emotion, the language of the body. Those emotions might be confusion, dread, doubt, worry, etc. 

Thoughts triggered those emotion, and you understand your thoughts because of words. This is how humans have the self awareness that they do. When they choose to, they can listen to themselves think.


The way out

Because you can listen to yourself think, you have the ability to create understanding about your thoughts. Remember, thoughts are neurons, and those neurons were created in response to your environment. And they were created by observing how other people in this world respond. 

As a child your brain observed and absorbed. It learned to think the way other people did. Those thoughts were cemented in as your blueprint to survive. And you get to read the blueprint by putting it all into words.

You have the ability to figure out exactly why you react to things the way you do. You can listen to the blueprint that was built up in your mind, and understand why you create the emotions that you do. This is your path out of behaviors that aren’t creating the life you want.


How I can help

You are an intelligent creature that, believe or not, could do this work on your own if you put your mind to it. It takes a high level of self awareness and commitment.

But often, it’s very helpful to have someone prompt you with questions and then listen to the words that your brain automatically offers up through your answers. This is where the value of coaching comes in.

As a coach, this is exactly what I do. I help you hear your own thoughts through the words you think and speak. I help you see the emotions those words get translated into in your body so your nervous system can understand your thinking. And I help you see the behaviors that result from those emotions cuing your body to act a certain way. 

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