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The Delivery of Dreams

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Dreams. Not the sleep kind. The kind of dreams that reside deep in your soul and make you daydream and sigh when you think about them.

Those dreams. Where do they come from? Why do we see these visions of ourselves with “better” life circumstances than we currently have? Or why do we dream about solving one of the worlds problems? Or why do we envision ourselves living in a dream home, driving a dream car, making dream money?

Well, part of that might come from societal messaging. It can’t be denied that as youngsters we absorb programming that tells us more and more is better. But there resides in each of us that deepest desire, that thing that, if it hasn’t become reality in our life, is almost painful to think about for too long.

It’s a calling that all too often goes ignored for fear of not achieving it. It’s easier to ignore than to pursue.

Or is it?

A thought occurred to me a few days ago about the delivery of those dreams. A thought about where they come from, and our accountability to them.

What if those dreams aren’t necessarily ours, but belong to the universe? What if the creative force that exists in the universe, whether you call that god or energy or math, is trying to create something through you. And what if your only job is to listen and allow.

Listening and allowing may be all you need to do at first. Of course the act of creation requires action, but if you opened your mind to the possibility that you are simply a conduit for this creative energy, and if you simply allow the dream to exist and drop your resistance toward it, perhaps universal energy will take care of the action for you.

Yes, you may still be required to feel the discomfort that comes with allowing oneself to believe something that feels far outside the scope of reality, but it’s only because people CHOOSE to believe that what was once only a dream in the mind of a human became something real on this plain.

If your dream really is something coming to and through you from the universe, the only responsibility you have to it is the commitment to allow it through, for as long as it takes.

To do this you need to make some space within the midst of all that being human requires of you. The good news is we humans have created a TON of stuff to create distractions that we don’t need to pay attention to in our daily lives. And therein lies the battle; choosing less distraction in order to give ourselves over to the dream.

Getting your brain cleaned up and organized can certainly help with that, and I can help you do it.

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