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The rhythms of thinking

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Do you ever wonder why you do the same things over and over?

This is because like the universe, everything in our bodies is working to a rhythm.

I really enjoy learning about quantum physics, which is basically the study of those rhythms, or waves in what is called “the field”. For an interesting read on quantum physics, and how humans intuited its existence far before science caught up, pick up “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra.

The neurons of the brain and body are like circuits. In order for a brain and body to be considered “alive”, the circuitry has to be animated so there is movement. If you think about the regular functions of the body, it is very rhythmic. From the heart beating to the lungs breathing, and the hormonal signals of hunger and reproduction, there is usually a rhythm to everything. When the rhythm is disrupted, we don’t feel good.

Thought is energy rhythmically coursing through neurons.

This is what tells your lungs to expand and contract. Your heart to pump. It is also what creates consistent emotional states and behavioral reactions to regular occurrences in your life.

You maintain patterns in your life because of these rhythms.

Patterns of action, or behavior, happen because of these rhythms. It’s obvious that the best way the universe has found to keep the gears of creation turning is to utilize rhythmic patterns.

This is why it can be so hard to change. When a rhythm is established, it becomes self perpetuating, until something is introduced to interrupt the rhythm.

Enter coaching, or any other type of rhythm disrupting tool you utilize. You can use fasting to disrupt the rhythm of hunger hormones and digestion. You can hold your breath to disrupt the rhythm of your breathing (although your brain won’t let you do this for too long). And you can use psychological tools to disrupt the rhythm of your thought.

Disrupting physical rhythms can be uncomfortable, but it’s the only way to change patterns. At some point you have to stop the rhythmic waves of one way of being, and start a new rhythm.

As a life and health coach this is what I help people do.

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Photo by Gatis Vilaks on Unsplash