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Power and Responsibility

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“When people believe they are powerless they become irresponsible.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Photo by Kyran Aldworth on Unsplash

I love this quote. It encapsulates the animal side of being human. It reminds us that we all have the genetic coding of animals, and can easily fall into animalistic behavior when we’re not living in awareness.⁣


Prefrontal Power

Every human being on this planet possesses an incredible instrument of power: the prefrontal cortex. It is this area of the brain that sets us apart from other animals on the planet. We have all the other brain regions of other animals, but it is the PFC that allows us the thinking, planning, behavior, and communication that makes us unique on this planet.⁣

When we delegate our power to other individuals, we fall into the trap of just being an animal. We quit tapping into the wisdom of our own human prefrontal cortex, and become subject to someone else’s mind.


Changing Behaviors

When this happens, our behavior changes. We start delegating our human responsibilities to someone else. When we identify as a victim, we submit, and no longer take charge. When we give up our power, we give up responsibility. There can be comfort in that, not being responsible, so it’s very common for people to default to victimhood in order to avoid failure.⁣

If you want to lead a powerful life, you must be willing to accept responsibility for all actions in your life. 


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This is a subject I love coaching people on. If you feel stuck in victimhood somewhere in your life, set up a session with me to learn tools to change it.⁣

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