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It’s never too early to exquisitely care for your brain

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Would you buy a new car and then drive the life out of it, thinking “once it starts breaking down, that’s when I’ll do something to fix it”?

Probably not. Most people know that a little maintenance goes a long way.

But it’s not uncommon for humans to push their brains and bodies hard until they start to show signs of breaking down, and then finally they’ll do something about it.

If you think about the programming behind our cells, there is an urgency to live RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow could bring the bear out of the cave or the bus around the corner that might just end it all.

Yet for quite a few of us, we get to experience life into older, if not old age. But a lot of us tend to abuse the vehicle that’s going to get us there.

I think this happens because many people adopt an all or nothing attitude when it comes to health. In fact, we adopt that attitude towards a TON of stuff in our lives. Having too many donuts means the rest of the day is ruined, so we’ll try again tomorrow. You’re feeling buzzed so screw it, another drink (or three) are in order. You’re not starting your task on time, so let go of it today and you can try again tomorrow. An all or nothing mindset creates a convenient excuse to put something off until tomorrow.

There are no rules about this, but you and I both know that delaying the change we’d like to, or know we should make, can create a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

But it’s never too early, or never the wrong time, to exquisitely care for your brain. Even if five minutes ago you were drinking a martini, in this moment you can rehydrate with some water.

If you ate too many sweets, you can make sure to get some physical activity in (walking counts!) to help move the carbs through your system and utilize the extra sugar in your blood.

If you’re running behind and feeling a time crunch, you can take a minute to breath deeply, extending your exhales to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve, and get started now on the task, or intentionally plan a new time to get it done.

The point is, you can let the failure (failure is just a perception) throw you off course, or you can focus on the next action.

There is value in learning from what you define as failure, but there is also an immense amount of value in recognizing how you react to that failure, and then intentionally reshaping that reaction if it’s working against you. Yes, you have the power to do that. You just have to choose to do it.

So even if you’re just starting to experience some “blips” in your brain or body, or you feel like you’re young enough to throw caution to the wind, it’s never too early to exquisitely care for your brain, and there’s never a wrong time to do it. And in fact, if you make it a priority to care for your brain now, even if it’s only on occasion, you will reap the benefits of those actions in your future.

We know that the brain can grow and shift and heal itself throughout a humans life, but eventually there is a point of no return when it comes to real damage. But if you make it a priority early on to repair what you can when you do something that challenges brain health, you’re setting yourself up for a healthier existence later on.

And this can all be fluid, working on a continuum. There is no all-or-nothing when it comes to health, and it is always a good time to take action to exquisitely care for your brain.

As a coach this is something I am great at helping people do. My 13 week program will teach you how to shift yourself out of that all-or-nothing mindset so you never get tripped up again, and can exquisitely care for your brain at any given time. Interested? Click here to schedule a time to chat.


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