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For peace, tap into your baby brain

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear, un-muddled mind?

In my last blog post I discussed how confusion creates inaction.

Part of what makes things confusing is the amount of thinking your brain can apply to any given circumstance. It can apply the past and future. It can apply labels and pros and cons. Sometimes it can feel like the pool of thoughts that can be dipped into is never-ending.

Here’s a quick tip to help quiet all that noise down: tap into your baby brain.

You’ve been there before (had a baby brain, that is). You know how to do it. And here’s what I mean.

Imagine observing something as a baby observes it. A baby has no words, no labels, no run-on sentences to apply to circumstance. A baby can’t create a complex argument for or against something.

A baby can only use its senses to try to gain some understanding. It can use sight and sound, touch to get some tactile sensation going. Taste is a big one for babies, thus they put all things into their mouths. They smell things.

But it stops there. Babies can only observe in curiosity. They have no words to apply to what they are experiencing.

So here’s what I want you to try. Right now, look at something close to you. Preferably make it something you can pick up in your hands, or reach out and touch. Now closely examine that object without applying any language to it. Try not to let any descriptors come into your mind about the object.

It’s kind of hard, isn’t it? That’s because one of your brain’s main functions is to make sense of the world by labeling and compartmentalizing things in your environment. It also does this on a conceptual level with experiences.

But you can take moments and take a rest from your thinking mind. You can observe your world with wonder, even the things that seem utterly mundane to you. Look at the shape of these letters. Baby brain can’t read them, so what do you think this sentence looks like to a baby?

Letting go of the meaning of things, for even just a little while, can create a sense of calm and ease in the mind. For adult brains, it requires a lot of focus to remain present in the moment to do this, because the organized thinking brain is always wanting to define the world by labeling it through past experiencing, and organizing it for future use.

But getting back to “beginners mind”, or baby brain can focus you in the here and now, and create moments of peace.


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