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Are future assumptions blocking you now?

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What do you assume about your future?

What do you assume is going to happen? What do you assume is fixed in place? What do you assume will be bad? What do you assume will be good?

Assumptions are just future predictions. They are suggestions from your brain on how things might be. Your brain does this in an effort to create knowing about the future, which in turn should hopefully create some stability and safety.


But as we all know, the human imagination can go to some dark places, and future assumptions can be scary, especially if your brain has been given a reason to make a negative assumption.


For example, I have a 50% chance of developing Huntington’s Disease, a neurodegenerative disease. I have friends who have tested positive the the BRCA gene, increasing their risk of developing cancer. I have friends who’s parents passed away from Alzheimer’s and dementia, putting them at risk of the same fate.

When the human brain is fed information in the present, it processes it to utilize for the future. That information essentially helps us chart a course for this time machine we live in called the human body.

But what our brain assumes creates the direction and momentum towards the future we will experience. If information received in the present creates an image of the future (assumption in the mind) that something negative is out there, the brain will start strategizing for that AS IF IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.


It’s fantastic and magical that the brain can do this, but can you see where the problem might be? If YOU, the part of you that is conscious on a higher level, just accepts the assumption your brain offers you, the course is now set towards that future assumption. Even if that future assumption never comes to pass, you will have to suffer the mental and emotional consequences of anticipating something bad happening later.


And if you believe what your brain has told you will happen, you might start engineering things now, in the present, to prepare for that thing to come true. And that can block you.

  • It can block you from pursuing a passion.
  • It can block you from making a lot of money.
  • It can block you from taking care of yourself. (Because really, why try?)
  • It can block you from connecting deeply into a relationship with someone else.
  • It can block you from starting a family.
  • It can block you from pursuing a dream career.

You may not even realize that the mindset you’ve shifted into, because of the future assumption, has steered the ship in this direction. You might recognize you’re avoiding things, but you might not understand why.


We humans place a ton of value on the future, because we’re always looking for things to get better, and the only place that can happen is in the future. But if your mind has made an assumption that things won’t be better in the future, of course you’re going to want to stop time by blocking future possibilities.

If you want to explore this on your own, ask yourself these questions and then journal about them:

  1. What am I afraid of in my future, and why?
  2. What is this fear stopping me from doing now?
  3. Is this the only way my future can unfold, or are there other possibilities?
  4. If I could create those possibilities, what would they be?

Believe it or not, you have the authority to adopt the assumptions of the possibilities you want, rather than the original suggestions your brain made.


Sometimes that requires a little help from an outside source, someone that can believe for you when your brain just can’t get you there. I can do that. Click here to book a complimentary consultation with me.

Top photo by Dan DeAlmeida on Unsplash