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You are supported

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“You are surrounded by layers of support in this interconnected world. The ground supports you, and you are the ground for billions of tiny creatures.” – The Brain Cleanup Coach

Photo by sifa diratama on Unsplash

Byron Katie is a thought leader. Her contribution to this world through “The Work” has undoubtedly changed the lives of thousands of people. She is a master of thought, and is truly enlightened. And something that she teaches really resonates with me.


Physical Support

Katie teaches that we are always supported. Literally. The ground is holding us up. Even if you have nothing else, you have the ground.

We used to have nothing else. We used to roam this planet like the rest of the animals, sleeping on the ground, sitting in trees, climbing on rocks. Supported by the environment that surrounds us. And in this way still, we are supported.


Emotional support

Because we experience emotion AND have the ability to observe and react to them, we value emotional support. We look outside ourselves for emotional support. But this is where support from the outer world ends, and support from our internal world begins.

We may assume that we are receiving support from the outside, as long as it’s producing good feelings in us. But as soon as we feel bad? It’s easy to think that support is gone.

But here’s the deal: that “support” was coming from inside you all along. The feeling of being supported is created by you, by YOUR thoughts in YOUR body. 

Have you ever had someone you were mad at try to make amends and be supportive, but you’re not ready to forgive them, so you don’t feel supported at all? Why not? They’re clearly offering you support? It’s because you’re not thinking the thoughts that create the perception of support at the moment.

But say the next day you forgive them, and they are contrite and offer support. Now? You feel supported. That didn’t come from them. That came from you. You changed the way you thought, and by extension the way you feel.

You always have the power within to create the “ground” to support yourself. 


Constant support

There’s no getting around support in this universe. We have a symbiotic relationship with so many creatures on this planet. We’re all connected, even to one another as humans.

So if you ever feel alone, you’re not. Seriously, it’s impossible. The ground is always supporting you. You are in a relationship with A LOT of critters on this planet. 

You are supported.


Work with me

If you are not feeling supported, it’s coming from your own thinking. I can show you how to recognize these thoughts, and decide whether they are serving you or not.

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