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Snap out of it!

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You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy…

Or maybe, when it comes to the way our closed intelligence works, you are getting distracted. Very distracted…

The closed, or subconscious mind, is a hypnotist. A handy hypnotist, but a hypnotist all the same.

This part of the mind is always creating a hypnotic pull to guide you to a specific way of thinking. This thinking is already built and patterned into neural and nervous networks, ready to react to something at ultra fast speed.

That hypnotist in your mind can be very helpful when it suggests words that trigger emotions and behaviors that get you a result you want.

But the funny thing is that the hypnotist doesn’t really care what the results are, as long as they are the same, reliable results it has been creating for years. You see, the hypnotist’s job is to create reliable results.

What about those reliable results it’s creating that you want to change? You’ve got to snap out of it! Here’s how to do it step by step.

  1. First, recognize that the hypnotist is there, stealing your attention when you don’t realize it and lulling you into a programmed way of thinking.
  2. Second, bring into your awareness WHAT the hypnotist is distracting you with. For example, say you want to build the habit of journaling or writing, but every time you sit down to write your hypnotist suggests you check your phone just to make sure nothing is waiting for you so you can “clear your mind”. The suggestion from your hypnotist in that moment is distracting you from the task at hand, and delaying the result you want.
  3. Hear what the hypnotist is saying. Write down what it is saying to you to lull you into a space of obedience.
  4. Snap out of it! Recognize that what the hypnotist suggests is nothing more than one way of thinking about something. It’s your desired results against the hypnotists. If your consciously (not subconsciously) desired results are in alignment with the hypnotist, then great! YOu can go “back to sleep”. But if not, stay awake.
  5. Fight back, hypnotist to hypnotist. Make a decision as to what you want on repeat in your head, and start repeating it consciously. Be aware, the hypnotist has been at this longer than you, and can sneakily lull you with its words. Be diligent about what you want to hear. Practice it daily, several times throughout the day.

Once you start practicing what you want to hear on repeat daily, something funny will happen. The hypnotist will change gears and start incorporating the new thoughts you are suggesting. Emotion can help this process along even faster, so be sure to recognize the emotion that comes along with the new thoughts.

Before you know it, your hypnotist will be distracting you with thoughts that create the behavior and results you WANT to see in your life, and you can rely on it to consistently create those results for you.

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Photo by Kreative Kwame on Unsplash.