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A different perspective on COVID-19

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“Even though this virus has been marked as our enemy, we can still practice reverence for the tenacity that is life on this planet, and recognize the responsibility we have as creators to respect it.”

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Humans are the most creatively evolved species on the planet Our consciousness isn’t simply bound by a reactive state. Because of our high creativity, and the tools we physically are endowed with, we have blown every other species out of the water as far as manipulating and artificially creating our environment. We’ve been so good at this in fact, that we’ve even forgotten that we are actually part of this thing called nature.

We have come to dominate our planet, often considering ourselves the most precious thing nature has to offer. But we forget that the will to dominate doesn’t only belong to us. Domination is intrinsic to life multiplying. All animals, in their own way, try to dominate their space.

And so do single celled organisms, like viruses. When the environment is right, life makes a run for it. This doesn’t only apply to humans. All life, in an effort to remain alive on this planet, is opportunistic. When opportunity meets the drive to dominate, life finds a way.

The COVID 19 virus, in a way, is just as opportunistic as humans are. This virus, that has been living quietly in animals, was afforded the opportunity to make the jump from animal to human. In our effort to dominate nature, perhaps another part of nature was given the moment to try and dominate us.

Fortunately we have the incredible gift of an immune system that for most, can kill this virus after a relatively short battle. But as we know, for some that is not the case. And this virus, being highly opportunistic, is just trying its best to stay alive, just like we are.

I’ve heard some cultures that have deep connections to nature say that this pandemic is a momentary break for mother nature from human activity, a quiet time for her to start healing from the destructive forces we unleashed on her.

Whether that is the case or not, I do believe we can use this moment in time as a very important reminder: we are not the only creatures living on this planet, but because of the gift of a highly conscious state and creativity, we are the creatures with the most responsibility to the rest of nature. Because we have the power to create not only beneficial things, but also destructive ones, we alone are responsible for managing our actions.

I think it’s safe to say that this virus isn’t laughing maniacally at the human race, multiplying like a bunch of gremlins solely to cause havoc. It’s not aware that it’s actually contributing to its own demise, either due to immune systems killing it, or the fact that it’s killing its own hosts.

Just like humans, it’s a creature on this planet just interested in living.

We know we can’t coexist with it as it is now, but I can’t blame another life form sharing this planet with me for taking the opportunity to exist in bigger ways. That’s what we’re trying to do constantly as humans, after all.

I don’t mean to diminish any pain people are currently experiencing. I don’t know anyone personally yet that has been tragically affected by this virus, but I expect by the end of all this I will.

But I do find peace in knowing that I’m not a victim here. This is life on planet earth. It is precious and wild and comes in millions of forms. We’re meeting one for the first time. And even though this virus has been marked as our enemy, we can still practice reverence for the tenacity that is life on this planet, and recognize the responsibility we have as creators to respect it.


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