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The mold of your mind

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“Your programmed mind is like a mold… what you pour in is what you get out.” – Bob Proctor

Photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash

Why do we create the same behaviors day after day after day? Especially those behaviors that we don’t necessarily like? Why do these habitual behaviors happen?


Your brain is a cake pan

The subconscious mind is a fairly set thing. Constructed of billions of neurons, many formed when you were a child, the reactive (subconscious) brain is a master of habitual behavior. In order for all those neurons to work cohesively, they are connected into patterned networks. 

These patterned networks are fired off over and over, essentially creating a mold for your thinking and behavior, just like a bundt cake pan, or a jello mold. This mold can create highly effective reactions in your life, but it’s also the reason you continue to do things that you don’t like over and over.


Breaking the mold

Is it possible to change the mold?

Yes. It’s hard, and takes a lot of effort, but it is possible. 

But there’s another way to start to change your behavior without actually changing the mold. This happens through awareness. As a human, you have the gift of being able to live consciously, which creates self awareness. When you are self aware, you can observe yourself, both internally and externally.

We use our eyeballs to see things outside of ourselves, including our own image. 

I like to imagine that I have the ability for site not only on the front side of my eyeballs, pointing out at the world, but on the backside of my eyeballs, pointing inside of me. With these inner eyes, I can observe what my inner image and subconscious mind is up to.

By doing this, observing what my reactive/subconscious mind is thinking, I can recognize and bypass behaviors that aren’t creating the life I want.


The long road

Changing the subconscious mind is no easy feat. But learning how to step outside of that thinking and hang out in awareness is actually pretty easy. The quickest path to this is daily meditation, but even setting aside time for thinking, pondering why you do what you do and taking the time to observe yourself, will bring you into consciousness. 

The brain encased in your skull is happy to be left to its own devices, humming along, creating the same reality day after day. But if you chose to rise up into awareness, you can use that tool for pretty incredible stuff. It just takes an observant inner eye, and an explorer’s heart, which I believe is intrinsic to each and every human.

To get started, meditate daily to intentionally bring yourself up into consciousness for a few minutes each day. Also, if something is bugging you, ask yourself why. Write it down. The answers come from your subconscious, and will show you the written manifestation of the neurons firing off. Then you can make an informed decision if those neurons are working in your favor.

If not, you now know the pattern you need to disrupt, and the next time you’re in it, you’ll have a little bit more awareness around it. The more you do this, the more aware you become, until your awareness itself becomes the disrupter, and the pattern starts changing.


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