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The case for being organized

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“A good system shortens the road to the goal.” – Orison Swett Marden

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The last several weeks I’ve been expanding on each key from my blog post “5 Keys to a Better Life“. Today is on the final topic of the post; organization. This might seem a bit Type A personality, but organization is a must for smooth sailing.


Function through movement

In nature, in order for balance to be maintained and function to occur, things must be organized. And if something is actually going to come to life, then that organization has to be pretty spot on.

Without the proper organization, dysfunction will set in. It is the organized arrangements of atoms into molecules and molecules into matter that makes the physical world we see around us possible. And it is through the organization of this matter that we’re able to function as living creatures.

We’ve all seen what happens when organization goes wrong in life. Sadly it results in malformations, dysfunction, and disease.


Applying organization personally

The more organization you can apply to your life, the more efficiently you can function. Your brain already does this for you, organizing your neural networks (brain cells) into very efficient patterns that create your normal behaviors.

As incredible as this gift is, in some cases that organization can work against the results we’d like to create. For example, if you have a highly organized thought pattern that causes you to believe that you’re only capable of making a certain amount of money, or you’re not creative, or you don’t know how stand up for yourself, that efficient pattern will lock you into behaviors that you might feel like you can’t get out of. You can’t see how something different could be possible for you.

But here’s the truth: what was organized one way can be organized another way.



Reorganization takes work. This is true about a closet, true about computer files, and most definitely true about your thoughts. In fact, reorganization of thoughts is likely the toughest reorganization project you could ever take on. 

But taking the time needed to do this can mean the difference between earning $40,000 per year, or $100,000 per year. It can mean the difference between creating more of the same, or creating something fantastic. It can mean the difference between not believing in yourself, or trusting yourself so thoroughly in this life that you have the confidence and courage to go after anything you want.

Sound good? There’s really no secret to it. The key is repetition and time. Repeatedly thinking intentional thoughts in order to move your brain into reorganization, and allowing all the time it takes to let it happen.

This could mean years. But would it be worth allowing your brain a couple years to reorganize if you got the results you wanted? This isn’t pie in the sky woo. This is shaping matter. Just like a workout routine followed for several years will reshape your body, a mental workout routine followed for a long stretch will reshape how you think, therefore reshaping your life.


Work with me

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