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Lessons from Dr. Bruce Lipton

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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

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I have several thought leaders I love to follow. Oprah. (Of course.) Eckert Tolle. My coach, Brooke Castillo. Dr. Joe Dispenza. Byron Katie. Another thought leader I’ve been fascinated by lately is Dr. Bruce Lipton.

As a stem cell biologist, Dr. Lipton discovered the power that environment has on our genetics early in his career, long before mainstream science was on board with what we now call epigenetics.

It was through his passionate curiosity about cells and genes that he discovered how profoundly our subconscious mind affects the person we are on a daily basis, and that in order to create true change, we have to live out of consciousness to experience what he calls heaven here on earth.  

I know, sounds hokey, but the guy knows his stuff. Here’s a great interview with Dr. Lipton. Below the video I’ve noted some of my key takeaways. 


  • Genes are affected by the environment they are surrounded by, which is called epigenetic control. 
  • How we see the world, our perceptions, controls not just our internal biology and genetics behavior, but how we create and control the world around us.
  • Most of us think we’re using our creative mind, but most people operate out of their creative, or conscious mind only 5% of the time. 95% of the time, we’re operating through subconscious or conditioned programming.
  • The first 6 years of our life our brain function is in theta brain waves, only recording and observing, acquiring beliefs from the people around us.
  • If you can stay conscious, or stay present, and see your subconscious mind in action,  and do this repetitively, you can retrain the subconscious mind (the habit mind).
  • Most illness is from the stress of not living in harmony. 
  • Falling in love is the perfect example of living in conscious thought. It makes us “self conscious.”
  • We have around 50 trillion cells in our bodies and all are self sufficient.
  • Our body is a giant community of cells, and the more cells there are working together, the higher the awareness.
  • The mind is the government of these cells. When the government works in harmony with the community, all is well, and the opposite can be true.
  • Thoughts influence the brain, and the brain releases chemistry that matches thoughts.
  • The chemistry of love promotes growth, healing of the body, supports the immune system. The chemistry of stress does the opposite.
  • Evolution is based on community and cooperation.
  • We’re all like tuning forks, we broadcast the energy of our thoughts.
  • Healing often happens because people believe that something will heal them. 
  • The nocebo effect of negative thought promotes disease.
  • 2% of illness is connected to genetics, 98% of illness is connected to environment.
  • Disharmony outside creates disharmony inside.
  • Until you change the habit, you will keep replaying the habit. 
  • The conscious mind comes from your current, present self. The subconscious mind came from other people conditioning it. This can create disharmony.
  • We were made in the image of the environment. We are compliments of the environment, but we are destroying it, so we are not currently compliments. (But we can fix this!)
  • Quantum physics marries the spiritual and physical worlds.

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