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How to clean up your brain, part 4

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In the first blog post of this series I introduced you to a tool I developed to help you understand the coding in the biological machine you live in, starting with your brain.


I call this tool W.E.B. It stands for Words, Emotions, Behaviors:

  • Words are how you understand what your brain is thinking.
  • Emotions are how you understand the communication between your brain and body.
  • Behavior is how you understand what was communicated to your body.

In this article, we’re going to concentrate on BEHAVIOR. To read the blog post explaining WORDS, click here, and for the post explaining emotions, click here.



The final aspect of W.E.B. is behavior. The way you behave is comprised of the actions you take, whether it looks like overt action, or lack of action.

There are two basic types of action the body will take:

  • engagement
  • avoidance

Depending on the thoughts (WORDS) and emotions generated by your brain, your body will be cued to either engage with something, or avoid it.

Both kinds of actions can be defined as negative or positive. For example, when it comes to avoiding something, you’d probably consider it a positive to avoid a rattlesnake on a trail. But you’d probably consider it a negative to avoid a task that must be done to reach a goal. Avoidance is the behavior in both cases, but depending on what is being avoided, the behavior is perceived as positive or negative.

On the contrary, you’d consider it a negative to engage with the rattlesnake, and a positive to engage in the task.

The cues you receive to engage with or avoid something are directly linked to the thoughts your subconscious mind suggests in response to information coming in (your eyes seeing the snake, your ears hearing the rattle), and the emotions subsequently created to translate the words of thought into a language your body understands.


As a coach

As a coach I want to help my clients really open their eyes up to patterned behavior in their life that is keeping them from feeling peace and creating what they want.

All of the actions, or behaviors you create end in a result. Results are what create your life experience, and the life experience of others. You are in constant contact with the results of other humans, animals, nature, geology, etc. 

Simply put, movement creates results, and in a dynamic universe, results are constantly being created.


You are creative

If behavior, which is just a human form of movement, creates results, then that means you are creating results all the time.

The question is are you creating the results you want to? Are you creating some results that you value, but other results that you just wish you could change?

When you really understand the root cause of behavior it creates a bit of wiggle room for forgiveness. In other words, it allows you to recognize the job your programmed brain is trying to do for you to keep you from harm.

When you can activate a state of forgiveness for the behaviors you exhibit but don’t value, you start to create a clean foundation for change. 

Forgiveness simply means to let go of. Letting go of negative judgment and focus on a behavior clears the slate for something new. It doesn’t even mean that old behavior will disappear, but it will allow your brain to focus its attention elsewhere.

That leads to graceful, lasting change.

In my final blog post of this series I will introduce the WEB Enlightenment Tool, a simple tool you can use to identify the three components of WEB within your mind and body. I’ll also explain how to use it to create new results for yourself.



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