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How stillness creates peace within

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“I will be still an instant and go home.” – A Course In Miracles*

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Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance. It is also defined as a state or period when war has ended, or there is no war.

Stillness is defined as the absence of movement or sound, which is very similar to freedom from disturbance. 

As living beings with thinking brains, it can sometimes seem impossible to get still. Even when utilizing a tool like meditation, it can be quite the challenge to find an unagitated state in our minds.

I think of stillness as what is in-between that agitation. Itty bitty microseconds of silence. The smallest of fractions of moments without disturbance, or movement, or sound.

These moments of stillness are always there. We don’t live without them, we just don’t notice them. They’re too small to catch with our physical senses.

So instead, we have to have faith these moments exist. Think of all the microscopic things in the world that you can not see, but you know exist all around you.

These still, peaceful moments exist too. All the time. Always there for you to land in when you need them.

At any moment you can close your eyes, think about that stillness, and connect with that peace within. It’s always there, beyond the agitation of being alive.

All you have to do is recognize it and allow it to live in your awareness.

I know it seems like it should be harder, but it’s not. If this sounds impossible, your brain just BELIEVES it should be hard. 

It’s not. It’s the least complicated thing in the world.


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